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Club Loose Texas events are focused on having fun drifting with your friends first and foremost. No competition, no egos, and no whining! In order for this to happen, please make sure you read, understand, and follow the rulebook below. Also, please make sure you attend driver meetings at the beginning of each event!


Our track layouts will remain the same for 3 events in a row in order to allow you to learn the track, and push yourself harder each time. Drivers will be divided up into 3 separate run groups based upon your driving skill and experience. If you wish to move up to a higher run group, find one of the CLTX staff and ask us to watch! Drive harder, progress, and move up is the idea for all drivers.

CLTX strives to create a club mentality for all drivers. Being a part of the club should be an honor and something you are proud of! As a part of this, being respectful of other club members and our track is paramount.

First time drivers will need to register by clicking the link up top and filling out a short questionnaire (click "Register" up top). We would prefer payment to be paid online in advance via San Antonio Raceway's website ( but you are welcome to pay the the gate as well. You will receive a $10 discount if you pre-pay!

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Driver Groups Explained

  • Drivers are broken into A, B, and C groups based on experience. Driving in the right group gives you, and all of the other drivers in that group the best experience on track. Trying to drive in a group that you are not ready for is dangerous and will not happen. You must be approved by CLTX staff before moving up to a higher level of run group. A & B groups will each run the track for an hour, alternating on the hour, in order to ensure each group has adequate time to drive.
    • A Group (Tandem Drivers) - Drivers that have all the required safety equipment, appropriate roll cage, etc. These are the drivers that have no issues making it around the track and are working on getting closer to other cars and running a better, faster line. Just because you have a roll cage does not put you in A group. These are also the drivers who need very little policing when it comes to grid and driving with others. The track will be opened up to a hot lap style for this group and this group only. If it's your first time tandem drifting, you will be expected to follow for one full day.

    • B Group (Solo Drivers) - Drivers are those still learning their cars, learning the track, and learning the rules. These are the drivers working to link the course, and starting to understand what the right driving line is. They are figuring out what they need to do in the car to make it work and move up to A Group. They are not permitted to tandem with any other cars and cannot enter the track until flagged on by a grid worker.

    • C Group (Skidpad) - Drivers that are just starting out either with drifting or with a new car. These drivers will be limited to a skid pad “figure 8” setup without the need to take breaks for other groups. The goal for these drivers is to feel comfortable with their ability to initiate a drift, transition, and modulate angle without spinning before moving up to B group. They are also not permitted to tandem or enter the main track until approved by CLTX staff. Ensure before coming out, you have at the bare minimum: an LSD or welded differential, lowering springs or coilovers, and a working handbrake. A supportive drivers seat is also recommended.



Club Loose Texas was founded in early 2018 as a way to grow drivers and promote fun drift events here in San Antonio, TX. Our team has decades of combined history in drifting and are here to ensure everyone has the best time, every time.

What started as a small idea between friends, quickly grew with the support of Club Loose members from all over the world. Check out the event schedule page to come shred with us, follow us on social media to stay up to date with news and media, and most importantly, come join Club Loose Texas and help us create something rad!


Alamo City Motorplex

3641 S Santa Clara Rd,

Marion, TX 78124



Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

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