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We welcome all media applicants! If you wish to shoot on track or pilot a drone YOU MUST APPLY FOR A MEDIA PASS EACH YEAR. Submission of this form does not guarantee a pass will be granted.  All applicants will be notified via email before each event with regards to their application status. If approved, your entrance fee will be waived but you must attend the media meeting directly following the drivers meeting.


All rules in the CLTX Media Rulebook must be met and followed.

Failure to do so will result in your media pass being revoked for at least the event and maybe forever.


Click here for media rulebook.




Click here for media application

Social Media Contact Information:

Make sure to list your accounts in the media application form so we can tag you when we repost your work.

Don't forget to follow/subscribe our CLTX accounts.


Instagram: @clubloosetexas

YouTube: CLTX Youtube


Any questions regarding CLTX media can be emailed to

Click the videos below to check out a playlist of our past seasons

2018 Season

2018 Season

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